Moving educational institutions

Moving educational institutions

Moving educational institutions requires a special approach. Boudesteijn Top Movers is experienced with moving your educational institution and we understand that this must occur in a relaxed and efficient way, because we want to disturb the learning process as little as possible. This makes moving an educational institution a challenging logistic process, in which we act quickly and proficiently.

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Boudesteijn Top Movers is your partner in moving educational institutions

As a PPV certified moving company, Boudesteijn Top Movers is specialised in moving educational institutions. Prior to the move we will create a clear action plan with you because with efficient preparation we can save you valuable time. We understand that moving an educational institution must be completed quickly, as education must continue as soon as possible. We get the job done within a short period of time due to the efforts of a big team of experienced relocation specialists. Apart from a professional team, we work with the best materials that contribute to a smooth moving operation.

Moving containers for fast handling

Moving containers serve to replace moving boxes that are relatively small and take more time to pack. Using moving containers makes moving between facilities faster, easier and more economical.

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Additional services
Boudesteijn Top Movers

Boudesteijn Top Movers provide additional services for educational institutions. Therefore we disassemble and assemble furniture, equipment and machines. In addition, we disconnect and move the equipment into the buildings to which you have moved. Moreover, we install all workstation equipment, lab equipment and laboratories. We will deliver the educational institution clean and organized, so that your staff and students can get back to work as soon as possible.

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