Storage of pallets

Storage of pallets

Would you like to store pallets? Boudesteijn Top Movers provides storage space with special pallet racking.

Wood is vulnerable. Therefore, when storing pallets it is of the utmost importance that the storage space is fire-resistant and dry. Our storage space reaches those requirements. Boudesteijn Top Movers stores your pallets under the best circumstances. Our storage spaces have 24 hour surveillance.

Naturally you can pick up the pallets at any given time. However, we can also deliver them to you. Would you like to receive more information about storing pallets? We are happy to make you an offer without any obligation.

Pallets opslag

More information?

Would you like to know more about what we can do for you? Our specialists would be glad to give you more information.

You can contact us at our office in Beverwijk via 0251-275000 or Heerhugowaard via 072-5744311. You can request an quote via the phone or website or contact our office in Beverwijk via 0251-275000 or in Heerhugowaard via 072-5744323. You can also receive a quote via the phone or on the website.